Batch Solar System DID YOU KNOW?

...You can build your own wind energy, saving $1,000’s off of retail price.

...Almost anyone can do this, even if they have no wind turbine experience.

...There is a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to build your own wind energy system.

W hy pay thousands of dollars for a wind turbine when you can build your own wind energy system for just a fraction of the retail cost.

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When you “Do It Yourself”, you can cut your costs to a fraction of what “retail” would normally cost. It’s a fun project and with this step-by-step guide, you can quickly and easily start producing your own electricity.

"I Thought Renewable
Energy was Expensive
(and Complicated)."

About 2 years ago I started looking into buying a Wind Turbine so I could cut down on my electric bill. Just like you, I started with an online search to see how much it would cost me to buy a wind turbine.

I was shocked to see how much it would cost me to have a wind turbine installed at my house. The estimate I got was over $7,500 once I added in the tower. The pay back time for that was just way too long. I didn’t have that kind of money, not even close. I was resigned to the idea of paying the electric company each and every month until I met a friend who had a solution.

I had no idea that thousands of people were making their own wind energy with “Do It Yourself” resources. My friend had collected various drawings and plans but nothing was very organized and there wasn’t anything I could find online that gave me details on how to do it. There were people talking about it, but it wasn’t until my friend and I developed this guide that there was a step-by-step guide on the topic.

"Now There is an Easy to Follow Guide That Walks you Through Every Step-by-Step Process of Building a Wind Turbine."

How much money can you save?

For too many years your only option was to buy a new wind turbine and have it professionally installed. This cost a lot of money and the pay back time was 15 or more years.

But now with the help of this detailed “DIY Wind Turbine” guide you can join the revolution of DIY’ers who figured out how to cheaply create their own wind energy.

This DIY Guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing a 4 foot to 8 foot roter diameter wind turbine for under $200. You can easily do it for less then $140 if you do a little extra work in collecting materials. Once you add in the costs of your tower & inverter (which we discuss how you can find for cheap or even free), your out of pocket costs could be just a small fraction of a retail system.

In fact, You Could Actually Build One For Less Then $70 if you took the time to rebuild old motor (which isn’t that hard to do).

Before you start...

Before you try to build you own wind turbine, you need to have the step-by-step process that I explain in this guide. I made it a personal mission to create the best wind turbine guide available. I searched the internet for months and months looking for the best ideas and designs for building wind energy.

I have put all of these ideas into one simple and easy to follow Wind Turbine Guide. With the fully illustrated process even the Non-DIY ’er can quickly learn how to create wind energy at home.

What if I'm not the
“Handyman Type”?

No problem, everything is broken down into Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions. I’ve been told by numerous people that the guide was able to take even the most difficult wind turbine construction methods and distill it down to simple and easy steps that even complete beginners can easily follow.

And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “technically inclined”, this guide will show you how to do it step by step. And we won’t leave you alone! There is a list of resources and support to help you with your project all the way until it is completed.

You’ll learn where to find the cheapest (or sometimes free) materials needed for your project. Through years of trial and error we have mastered the art of buying cheap materials so you can save from your very first wind turbine. You might double the cost of your wind turbine without these money saving resources and buying lists. This alone is worth the low cost we are offering this guide for.

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What is Included in the
Green DIY Energy Guide?


DIY Solar Panel Kit This complete "Do It Yourself"
Wind Turbine Guide
Has three parts...


#1 DIY Guide

Build Wind Turbine

Thermal Solar Guide

Here is how you can create massive amounts of energy for your home.  Use the wind’s energy to power your home!  This beginner’s guide gives you a complete understanding of how wind energy is produced and how you can capture it for your own use.

  • Explanation of How Wind Energy Is Produced
  • Learn the Different Parts That Make a Wind Generator
  • How to Buy or Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Learn how to take the power your wind turbine creates and run your household energy needs (controller, batteries, inverter, disconnects, etc).



#2 DIY Guide

Wind Turbine

If you have ever wanted to see the exact step by step process involved in building a homemade wind turbine? Here it is!

Thermal Solar Guide

2 Models!
ABS Plastic &
Wood Plans

- Step-by-Step plans show you how to build a wind turbine  
- Packed full of pictures and diagrams 
- In Our Example the Total Costs Were $140, You Could Do It For Less

Thermal Solar Guide


#3 DIY Guide (Bundle)
"Wind Energy Bundle"
Here Are Several Resources
That Will Help You Along The Way...
Wind Map Resource Directory 
We have compiled 
the most useful 
“Wind Maps” available to help you determine your wind power potential. Plus many other Wind Resources to help you with your project!

Solar PV Panel Install

Renewable Energy 
& Eco Friendly 

Learn how you can play a part in helping to protect the environment and SAVE MONEY at the same time.

DIY Home Energy Audit

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a Professional Energy Audit for your home. With this DIY Starter Kit you can perform a fast and effective audit and find your home's largest energy wasters.



Bonus Material!

For those who are ready to get started today with their DIY energy project, the following bonus is for you.

We currently sell the following bonus materials as their own products. But today, we’re going to include them with your purchase. I expect we will be removing this bonus in then next few days.


DIY Guide

“Video Library”
video camera

A $97 Value, but included as a Free Bonus Today

Over 1 Hour of “Step-By-Step Videos” showing you the exact process in building your first wind turbine.

DIY Solar Power System

This is a must have for your Wind Turbine Education! 

Solar Panel Build Video  


DIY Guide(Bonus!)

Do It Yourself...
 Solar Power

A $49.97 Value, but included as a Free Bonus Today


This is a complete Step-by-Step explanation of
how to build a solar panel from scratch.  Everything
from building the solar panel box to connecting
solar cells is explained here with color pictures,
detailed plans and over 1 hour of detailed videos.  

DIY Wind  Power System
  • Complete Solar Power Plans
  • Step-by-Step Videos and Photos Showing You Exactly What To Do
  • In Our Example the Total Costs Were $98, You Could Do It For Less

Wind Panel Build Video



5 Good Reasons To Get
Green DIY Energy

1. It Works! Thousands of people have successfully built their own solar energy (over 4,000 sold each month!)

2. Saves Money – you save money when you don’t have to spend $thousands$ on a “retail solar system”

3. GO GREEN – reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment

4. Save Energy – you could cut your hot water costs in half, or even completely eliminate them!

5. It’s Fun – just wait until your friends and family see what you have created!
DIY Solar Panel Kit

remove discount price tomorrow

GreenDIYenergy Solar Panel Bundle Money Back Guarantee

Solar Panel Success Story

If You Get Stuck... Use our "Technical Support Center"

DIY Support If you get stuck or have any questions, we want to help. We want to see you succeed and tell your friends about Let’s face it, even if you only cut your energy costs by 50%, your friends will be begging you for information on how to order this guide.
Apart of our ongoing support to you, we provide a comprehensive list of resources and support. This includes an interactive forum where you can ask your most detailed questions and get answers quickly.


Wind  Panel Reminder Profits from go back into R&D and Product Development!!!

A large part of the profits (and yes, I’m doing this to generate a fair profit) go directly back into R&D and bringing you the best DIY renewable energy products. We currently have 3 different DIY guides in the development stages. We’ll keep you updated!

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GreenDIYenergy is in PDF format and can be downloaded instantly after payment! Even if it is 3am.

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