"Why Does Going Green
Have To Be So Expensive
And Difficult for the
Average Family?”


It Doesn’t! We can show you how to Go Green and live a more Sustainable Life and Save Money. Finally… A Support System for Those Who Want To Go Green on a Budget.

Is It Really Possible?

- Build Solar & Wind Power for Under $200
- Cut Your Energy Bills by 1/3 with 5 Simple Steps
- Reduce Your Carbon Foot 20% by Next Weekend

Like anything in life there are expensive quick fixes to almost any problem. Let’s face it, you could easily spend $20,000 on a new Solar or Wind power system or spend $5,000 on new more efficient appliances. This would quickly cut your energy usage and your carbon foot print but most people don’t have that kind of money to throw down.

But there is also a way to achieve the same end result by Going Green on a Budget. Thousands of people have found ways to cut their energy usage, build renewable energy power and have a lesser impact on the earth’s eco system – and have done it without spending much money.


Green Eco Club is your one place to get all the Ongoing Support and Ideas for Going Green and creating Renewable Energy on a budget. Enjoy an ongoing source of Green Living Ideas and DIY Strategies that help Save the Environment while also Saving you Money.

Join efforts with a like minded group of people who want to help the environment while saving their families money. 

Each Month you have Full
Access the Following Benefits…

Have instant access to a library of Green Videos, mp3 Audio Recordings and other Multi-media information.  Watch the hands on instructional videos that will help you build your own renewable energy systems.

Next Month Releases Include: Aluminum Frame DIY Solar Panels
Weekly Money Saving and Green Living Tips. This section alone will save you well over $27 a month!

Next Month Releases Include:  The 5 Steps of Performing Your Own Energy Audit
Each month we upload a new Renewable Energy DIY Guide (most valued at $49.97) and you pay nothing extra for this!  So instead of constantly buying new Energy and Green guides as they are released, you will have instant access and save a lot of money in the process.  Also listen to Expert Interviews with some of the top renewable energy and green experts around the world.

Next Month Releases Include:  The 5 Steps of Performing Your Own Energy Audit
Have questions? We have answers.  GreenEcoClub's exclusive “Ask The Expert” will allow you to ask all of your renewable energy project questions.  In addition there is a comprehensive list of various green and renewable energy resources, online tools and discounted supplies.  You'll save$100's if not $1,000's off your renewable energy DIY project with our “Best Prices” list (solar cells, wind turbine generators, green supplies, etc)!

Next Month Releases Include:  The 5 Steps of Performing Your Own Energy Audit

Every Month is Packed Full of Real Life Examples and Strategies that are helping average families all around the world save money while saving the environment.

Get Started Today and Also Get the Following Bonuses...

Going Green
Your Complete Guide  
($29.97 Value)

Learn the tips and secrets to cutting your carbon foot print quickly and cheaply with this complete hands on guide.  This comprehensive guide shows you the easiest way to cut your energy usage, reuse and recycle your everyday items and how to live a greener and healthier life.

Solar Electric (PV)
D.I.Y. Solar Energy

($29.97 Value)

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start producing solar energy. This guide will explain how you can start building your own solar panels for only a few hundred dollars.  You’ll learn the basics of Photovoltaic Solar Panel energy and how you can get started producing your own renewable energy at home.

Simple Heaters
Solar Hot Water Introduction
D.I.Y. Thermal Solar

($29.97 Value)

Most households spend about 1/3 of their energy to heat water.  Thermal Solar Hot Water Solar is one of the lowest cost ways to start producing renewable energy in your home.  All you need is an old broken water heater and common spare parts around the garage and you could be producing solar hot water by the end of the weekend.

Solar Heater Guides

D.I.Y. Solar Heater
(Window and Wall air heaters)
(Intro Guide - $29.97 Value)

Are you tired of paying too much to heat your house? This easy DIY project can give you instant heat during daytime sun hours. Solar Heaters provide heated air to your living space at zero cost. You can build a window unit or wall mounted unit and in most cases for under $30.

Energy Audits

D.I.Y. Home Energy Audits

(Intro Guide - $29.97 Value)

Most professional home energy audits costs $250 or more and come with a salesman trying to convince you to purchase expensive new windows or appliances. You can easily perform a home energy audit by yourself using this easy to follow step by step process.

Wind Energy Introduction
D.I.Y. Wind Turbine

($29.97 Value)

Wind Turbines are a great way to generate free energy at your home.  With simple parts that you can collect and assemble easily, wind energy is just a breeze away.  A fun project for the kids, you can build a wind turbine in your garage and attach to a ground mount pole or even to the roof of your house and generate AC power for many uses around the workshop or house.


D.I.Y. Build Chicken Coops

(Intro Guide - $29.97 Value)

Raising Chickens can be both fun as well as a good economical decision. But when the price of Chicken Coops are over $1,000, it makes sense to build your own. Detailed plans and schematics help you build your own coop with no prior experience.

Solar Discount Secrets

How To Buy Solar
At Big Discounts

(Intro Guide - $17 Value)

For some people it makes more sense to purchase instead of Do It Yourself. If you want to learn how you can buy Solar (or any other Renewable Energy type) at BIG Discounts, then this introduction guide will get you started on your way. Packed full of helpful ideas on how to negotiate the best price and still make sure you are getting a top quality installation.

Solar Installation

D.I.Y. Solar Installation

(Intro Guide - $17 Value)

When it comes to installing your Solar Panels, this guide will show you the steps required to turn the power into usable energy in your home. Roof top and ground mount installations are explained as well as the tools required and how to stay safe.


You Get All the DIY Guides
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The price won’t stay at $27 long and if you come back tomorrow you may end up paying a lot more. Go ahead and make the decision to go green on a budget and get started today.

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We guarantee that you will be able to cut your current energy bills and your personal budget by $100 or more (A LOT more we hope) each month. The ideas in GreenEcoClub will show you not only how to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and live a healthier, Greener Life, but also how to Do It On A Budget and save a lot of money.

If you don’t think you will save enough money to recoup your $27 each month, or you don’t find enough value in the membership, or for WHATEVER REASON you decide you don’t want to continue, just let us know anytime.  Contact us within the first 60 days and we’ll even refund all of your money!

Even If You Cancel Your Order,
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Don’t wait another day to start saving money and to Go Green with GreenEcoClub!  $27 Price can’t be guaranteed past today (sorry).

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