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very informative and well written

Felt it was worth the financial investment.

timely and logical

Good Product, I have recommended it to friends.



Excellent, very helpful & very thought provoking!


Best on the internet

Great product.

I love it. It gave me ideas I would of never thought of doing.

Very good. That is what got me started.

I would rate it as invaluable....

I would rate it A+

Excellent manual for anyone trying to be prepared.

I felt is was a good reference to get started. Knowing where to start is the key. It helps knowing what items are first on the list including those barter items that I do not use personally.

Excellent product, highly recommended reading.

GREAT!!!Helped me know what was the most important items to start saving.

This is an extremely useful and eye-opening book. It does more than help identify what items are going to fly off the shelf - it teaches you to think in more globabl terms about how our support systems work and how to critically analyze your own personal situation in the framework of a larger catastrophe.

This is truly excellent information. I had thought of quite a number of the things mentioned but you go much further and it's all very good.

It was very helpful and instrumental in getting us to start prepping.

Excellent Material! I do have an EQ kit however after reading SOAC, I realize there are a number of items, and issues, I did not think about.

It was the 'Sold Out After Crisis' DVD that got me started 'prepping' 6+ mos. ago. Now I am on my church's Emerg. Prep. committee putting together a 72 hr. food/water/other supplies check list, as well as a 3 month check list.

Critical information

Outstanding on every level. Honestly, I have nothing to advise you to change. Everything is well researched and presented in a way that is relevant, factual and easy to digest and

Fantastic, above the highest rating because now I have a plan in place that is structured and easy to follow.

I would highly recommend SoldOutAfterCrisis to anyone who has a clue of what's going on.

It was the first product I purchased and was extremely helpful in opening my eyes to prepping.

The best product to have for survival.

The information in 'Sold out after Crisis' is valuable to the novice prepper but also is helpful to those of us who have been prepping for years. There are so many things we take for granted in our daily lives that we need to be reminded of how valuable they will become in times of scarcity.

I found the water filtration one very informative.

Very comprehensive. The majority of scenarios are covered, with both conventionally available options and improvised options.

Sold out after crisis was a good wake up call. It started the thinking processes. Seeing the pictures of the east coast after hurricane Sandy just solidified my thinking.

SoldOutAfterCrisis is a must read if you are at all concerned about any crisis.

I thought it was excellent. I'm a 23 year disaster services volunteer for the American Red Cross and have dealt with many horrific disasters and always have about a month's worth of food and water but now want to learn what else I can have on hand or make (solar, wind, food)so I'm really appreciating what you've got available.

love the emails, love the info, love the purchases i have made, love that someone out there is actually providing true facts regarding what we face here in this country and how I can make sure my family survives. Thank you Damian!

Super. It really made me think. I've taken many things for gtanted. I'm getting ready and work at it everyday. I will plant my first garden in and out side with my grand kids. I've have begun my water and how-to. The only thing I'm missing are my books from the Survivol Seeds order. All products so far have been great.

Excellent information - great for reference and hopefully will not be needed but seems very relevant for crises.

I found it to contain the much needed matterial that I was looking for to prepare my family for a comming crisis. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your time in putting this together...very informative.

It's provided a lot of food for thought and helped us devise plans that encompassed much more than we were able to think of on our own. We've prioritized our purchases and are on our way now.

I have known some of the 37 Items as for the rest I did not know makes 'SoldOutAfterCrisis' well worth the cost.

It is a good first step in providing necessary knowledge. If I am ever faced with a true crisis situation I know I will be better prepared to make it through.

very informative. Took some of that Panic feeling away.

Extremely informative

I have used this info to help get my family ready for any emergency that might come along. We are not super prepared but we are getting there.

I would give it an 8 out of 10. It's a great start but in reality 80% matched what I had on my list...Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing. It helped me feel that I was on the right track. Then as I said, it had some things that I didn't think about which is always helpful.

I found it pretty useful. I had already been doing lots fo research on the net before I came across sold out. A lot of hours many different web sites and printing a lot of atricles. Sold out was a lot of what I learned on the internet and then some all in one spot.

I thought it was ok, just made me realize how ill prepared i am

It is an excellent source of information. It all makes sense, but I am to old to bug out. I want to do what I can to be safe in my home.

Covers many things I hadn't thought of.......

Top notch. I compared our prep to it. We matched fairly close.

very good, I look at several different blog sites but come to yours the most.

Excellent product with many good tips.

Worth reading and comparing to what I have done so far.

Excellent information for beginners or serious preppers. We've learned a lot from our first contact and through your e-mails.

empressive,and believeable.

I've used many of the ideas to help me in my prepping. It is a very good product.

Four stars...I have medical supplies (at least six months) because I work in the medical field...your average gauze and bandaids are not going to be enough for seriously injured people...

Wonderful and terrifying. It gave me a lot to think about. I need to protect my family. Thank you.

It is a good format to check loose ends, missed concepts

Useful starting point, particularly in getting a newcomer's thought process going,

That is very good information for all of us. These problems are very real, but most of the public just doesn't get it, yet.

A good start at educating the people, most of whom are totally unprepared.

Very informative. I've implemented most of the ideas in our plan.

Rate it a 10. Refer back to it frequently, and still working to live up to all its suggestions.

Spot on.In an ontime delivery system that corporations have today it makes total sense.I don't think most stores could last more thn six hours in a conflict or dissaster.

Handy checklist. I was aware of most of those items although I had not yet stockpiled all.

Excellent and thorough. One of the best I've found.

Overall, very good. Makes one think about what items are truly important.

It's really good. It was very helpful for me in coming up with a purchase strategy.

I like it - I am slowly absorbing the information, and I am working on implementing the steps and ideas as I can .

It hits the mark. I have personally seen store shelves get cleared out right before a hurricane.

Very good summary, but many are common sense. It is a good tool to begin preparing for emergencies.

It was very informative and we are well on our way to having all 37 of the items on OUR Shelves.

Its very important for those just getting started. My family has definite advantages over those in urban areas and much of this is more common sense and a good reminder to not get complacent.

It was thought provoking and useful

It was interesting....hadn't thought of how quickly our local store would run out of things in the event something happened. A good eye opener.


I was already in the beginning stages of prepping when I ordered Sold Out After Crisis and was pleased that some of the things I was doing were in the manual. The Sold Out After Crisis book/manual helped me to think things through a little more thouroughly and I am still preparing/planning.

Great very informative. Really gets you thinking

I purchased soldoutaftercrisis to see prepping from a different persons perspective. Even though I already knew some things, I found a lot of good common sense advice and ' how to ' get it done cost effectively, which is great for a tight budget. I recommend it to everyone who's just ' awakened ' or has already started w/ the basics.

happy with it -- shocked at what I'm learning

All very good useable information.

I would rate it very good, I wouldn't want to be without most of the things listed.

I started using the list right away to add to my begginings

I think it is a terrific product!! It has been very helpful to ME in my process of preparation, and it is very clear, easy to understand and use, and affordable for most of us.

I liked it and it spurred the idea of gardening and canning for myself.

A very good place to begin preparation for any disaster

#1 This is a product everyone should have.

Very good, solid and practical info.

Excellent. I have started stocking up so that when we have another major weather event that keeps us homebound, or if we lose electricity to an ice storm, we'll be better prepared.

Very helpful in making me think about what I'd need to have and to know how to do when all the conveniences of modern society are gone.

was very informative, we may alter slightly to cover our personal requirements.

I believe it is an excellent beginning guide to start a food storage supply. The daily e-mails are helpful also.

Pretty informative. I haven't seen other products yet to compare yours to.

Fantastic Info.... as with all your articles.Thanks

SoldOutAfterCrisis is an exceptional product! It is full of valuable information that everyone should know and heed.

Very useful information. Changed my focus.

very pointed and to the point; well thought out and very specific.

An excellent resource/. Everyone should own.

We found it extremely helpful. It helped us plan our stockpile.

Great information. Part of my prep plans to make us independent of the government.

Excellent. I reviewed it, began my lists of items to stock up on, reviewed again prior to shopping, for items that might be a waste. I've educated my husband and children on the 'don't be scared, be prepared'. They know I'm looking out for them and we will be ok if/when anything happens.

Excellent guide. The effort put into the book(s) is obvious. Thanks very much for a great set of products.

I think that it is an excellent product. I appreciate the fact that it is both thorough and full of information and also user friendly for people who are not already well versed in this stuff.

It was interesting. Reminded me of things I had forgotten to lay in as supplies. I re-read it every now and then.

Im using it as a template of how to survive and what to do in the event.

I thought it was helpful. Everyone needs a guide or outline. mkjoiner@comcast.net.

Very informative. I feel everyone who has the means to build a emergency supply resource kit should do so. I am a local advacate for educating people about why they should preppare and how to go about building a emergency preparedness kit.

It was a reinforcement of what I already knew or suspected. It helps to realize you are not alone in your preparedness.

I believe it's GREAT for beginners and eye opening. Helpful for those already in the planning. I am now retired and have served in emergency services for YEARS.. Firefighter, Paramedic, Emergency Management, etc,

It is a wonderful resource to have. I told my husband, grown son, and sister about it.

Really helpful and informative. I keep referring back to it to keep my plans on schedule.

Very impressive, very concise report. 'This is what you need to know before the SHTF'.

I made a hard copy of the list, put it on my fridge, and refer to it as I add to my preps.

It brought some good things to mind that I may have not thought of. It also kind of puts in the forefront the difference in thinking of short term vs longer term self sufficiency.

I thought it was a good starting point. Gets people thinking about different subjects. Liked the Gardening section especially. I printed the DVD for a binder and have expanded with a lot more printouts on all kinds of subjects, i. e. making sugar beet 'sugar', making soap, making a portable chicken coup, herbal medicine and edible weeds with colored pictures, etc.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent product with good actionable information.

I loved it and included some topics in my mentoring to Boy Scouts.

Five stars! Not only are we preppers ourselves, but we also try to educate those who are interested in our congregation. We have always stuck with the basic 3 - 5 day plan for natural and utility disasters for them because our Pastor does not want to scare them, but if anyone were to ask, we would help them go deeper. We don't hand out your information, but we would certainly steer them in your direction for comprehensive guidance so we thank you very much for all of your hard work and diligence. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, Sheryl

Fantastic Life-Saving information!

I rate it very highly. It is a very good comprehensive planner for the person who has no idea where to start and it has good plans and ideas for the person who is already planning ahead.

I have purchased several of your recommended products. 40 days, vertical gardening and several others. They are informative and get you to think about things you wouldn't ordinarily think about.

SoldOutAfterCrisis was a very valuable document for beginning preppers. This information has been very helpful to me and my family. Thanks a lot.

I Believe SoldOutAfterCrisis is Very informative. Some is comman sense. Yet! I know some do not have comman sense. Reminds me of many things my Grandparents always said we should be prepared for long term survival on a regular basis. Did our forfathers know more about survival than we do today?

37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis is a valuable resource. Some of the other items seemed simplistic and geared more towards urbanites than rural people.

Fantastic! Feel better with your guidance and suggestions!

I was extremely pleased with the SoldOutAfterCrisis product.

It's good, every household should see it. I was surprised how much stuff we already had.

The booklet is a good foundation to realize just what one has to think about and prepare for.

One of the first products I purchased, and well worth the money.

Yes. Each one has some good information. However, yours seems to actually meet the needs of all of us.

My hesitance has to do with others actually knowing what we are doing. I would consider this at an anonymous level or a better understand of how my information will be used. We are not ones to share our preps like those on TV. We like being under the radar as I am sure most hardcore believers do.

I would in time after I get more aligned with my family survival etc. I do appreciate the road map in helping my family head in the right direction.

God Bless you. I thank you for all the information .America is going to tested.May God protect us.

Seems like a comprehensive Survivalist Cookbook needed listing a complete description of survival information all in one place. Like a giant first aide reference.

I just want to commend you for trying to get people to be aware of the dangers that are coming in the future and to be prepared, especially with the government we have now that is destoying our Constitution little by little and taking away so many of our freedoms. Keep it up.

I look forward to the newsletters ...They have sparked motivation...and planning and ACTION...they have been informative with links to products and other sites...and to my awareness...

My husband and I are both partially disabled, but he still works. I am unemployed. Our income is extremely limited. We also are raising our 5 year old grandchild. So we do what we can, we are trying to loosen up some funds to work on some projects to lower our dependency on the electric companies, or go off the grid period. Thank you for what you do. It is so important to reach as many folks as we can. I talk to my friends about this, who are doing the same.

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